My Steam Locomotives!

Lionel Southern Crescent #1393
Lionel Vision Line UP Challenger #3989
Lionel Norfolk & Western Y6B #2171
MTH Erie PA Triplex #5016
Lionel C&O USRA Mallet #875
MTH Christmas Express #1225
Lionel vision Line 700e Hudson #5344
Lionel Vision Line UP Big Boy #4014
Lionel Nickel Plate Road Berkshire #765
Lionel Merrill & Ring Co. Two Truck Shay
Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer #1645
Lionel C&IM Mikado #551

Hi, O gauge train lovers LOL  Thanks for checking out my O gauge steam locomotives.  There are 12 steam engines in total, ten are from Lionel and two are from MTH (Mike's Train House).  The Lionel steamers consist of one conventional engine, six Legacy engines and three Vision Line engines while both MTH engines are DCS (Digital Command System).  I hope everyone enjoys the site and thanks for stopping by!